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Here in Europe there are a lot of data plan limited ISP contracts and if you only have 10GB of traffic, you are done after 3 days without having used your Internet. Before I used Mavericks, my private download traffic was typically only around 20 GB per month.

Macbook suddenly running really slowly

There seems to be a workaround to stop this unintentional traffic of your computer by de-activating some options in the keychain. It seems to work at least for me and all the macs in my company. You can see this by using the net monitor function of Little Snitch. This is very useful for mobile devices, which in the US enjoy flaky network connectivity at best.

One very handsome example is the iPad-optimized Every Time Zone webapp. SQLite is probably the most important open-source project you have never heard of. It is a simple, streamlined and efficient embedded database.

Much more than documents.

Firefox stores its bookmarks in it. Google distributes its database of phishing sites in that format.

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In other words, it is robust and proven mission-critical software that is widely yet invisibly deployed. WebSQLdatabase basically makes the power of SQLite available to web developers trying to build apps that work offline, specially on mobile devices. No good deed goes unpunished, and the Mozilla foundation teamed up with unlikely bedfellow Microsoft to torpedo formal adoption of WebSQLdatabase as a web standard, on spurious grounds , and pushed an alternate standard called IndexedDB instead.

To quote the Chromium team:. If you want to argue this is silly, talk to them, not me. IndexedDB is several steps backwards. Instead of using powerful, expressive and mature SQL technology, it uses a verbose JavaScript B-tree API that is a throwback to the s bad old days of hierarchical databases and ISAM, requires a lot more work from the developer, for no good reason. If there is one constant in software engineering, it is that multiple layers add brittleness and impair performance. Of course, both Mozilla and Microsoft are irrelevant on mobiles, where WebKit has essentially won the day, so why should this matter?

Migrating was surprisingly easy. Key functionality like bookmark keywords, AdBlock, FlashBlock, a developer console, and the ability to whitelist domains for cookies, all have equivalents on Chrome. At some point I will need to roll my own password syncing facility Chrome stores its passwords in the OS X keychain, which is also used by Safari and Camino. The hard drive in my October vintage 80GB iPod 5. I use my iPod mostly in my car. The classic hard drive iPods have one key capability iPhones and iPod Touches lack—the ability to shuffle by album, which is essential when you listen mostly to classical music and where an opus maps to an album.

The flip side of such an enormous drive is that the sync takes forever: I started it around 10PM yesterday and it is till running, over 9 hours later. They handled the repair very professionally, there are no marks on the casing, and I now have a fully functional GB iPod for less than the price of buying a new GB iPod Classic. Update : Even more of a pro tip: a Japanese company named Bird Electron makes a series of accessories for the ScanSnap line, including a dust cover for the SV and the hilariously Engrish-named PZ-BP Book Repressor , essentially a sheet of 3mm anti-reflection coated acrylic with convenient carry handles.

I have only tested this with my InDesign CS6, not sure if it will work with older versions. Some notes I have not seen in the many reviews sloshing around the Internet this far: It is not actually black, rather a dark metallic gray, the color of hematite. It is dead quiet compared to the old Mac Pro, and even my work iMac. All in all, a remarkable engineering feat.

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  7. A HP Z may have more memory capacity, expandability and total horsepower in its BMW-designed case, but Apple is the one pushing the envelope in terms of design. Update At some point in the last 2 years they switched from Comodo to Symantex probably when the current certificate was issued. After running the Console. Root[] DiskArbitration 2. CarbonCore SearchKit 1. LDAPFramework 2. LaunchServices NetFS 3. CoreFoundation 6. CFNetwork DictionaryServices 1. OSServices IOKit 2. AE TrustEvaluationAgent 1.

    Metadata SystemConfiguration 1. A neat trick: ssh myserver. Cables are so twentieth century. You could then simply extend this to sync the device to the cloud instead of a specific computer. How about soldering a read-only USB drive directly onto the motherboard so it can never be lost? When someone enters an address in a Calendar entry on iOS, make it clickable and linked to the Maps app, the way addresses in Contacts are.

    Copying and pasting them manually is a drag. Speaking of which, it would be nice to have an option to disable the audio out on HDMI, e. On the plus side, they now have the decency to include Acrobat on a separate CD, so you can discard it immediately and not risk installing it as a side-effect of installing the apps that are actually useful. Each successive version of OS X is faster on the same hardware, Microsoft and Adobe deliver software that gets progressively slower. In other words, unlike Lightroom, CS5 is designed to be endured, not to delight.

    I am no AppleScript guru, but I relatively easily wrote my own scripts to: Copy the bookshelf name into all the books it contains.

    This essentially eliminates the data entry, but you have to be careful to make sure a book is not misfiled into two shelves at the same time. The sample script Highlight shelves containing selected media is helpful in this respect. After a lot of digging I was able to locate the required keys and set them via defaults as part of a first boot script that occurs before anything else in my imaging workflow. A lot of the solution I have above is based upon a post he made on jamf nation about a similar issue someone else was having.

    Thanks buddy! Like Liked by 1 person. Like Like. It means that anything involving security certificates will now trust whatever is in the keychain. Rather than consulting a external database the CRL to determine if that root cert is valid and thus if the trust chain is valid. But for lab deployments and if you are managing your machines you are probably managing their configurations so its not an issue.

    Hope that helps a bit. I copied and pasted the above code into the terminal. The Preview app stop working, so I shut down the computer, then pushed the power button. The computer failed to boot. To solve the issue, I turned off the unbootable Mac and hooked up the unbootable Mac to a working Mac via fire wire. The working Mac was already on.

    OSX 10.9 Mavericks - How to Create a Bootable USB Flash Drive

    An icon for the unbootable Mac showed up in my Finder window on the working Mac. I went into the library of the unbootable Mac and deleted the whole file:. The unbootable Mac was then able to reboot after I shut it down and pressed the power button again. I hope this saves people some time.


    Apple releases OS X Mavericks with SSL fix | Hacker News

    I suggest not using the code above. Then you are doing something wrong. I managed thousands of machines across thousands of sites and have no come across an error like this.