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Great system for the price! Beware though that this is still another Chinese product with worthless directions and a confusing, partially-working app. The product could seriously benefit from a quality translation service. Add to cart. Only 9 left in stock - order soon.

GW security has exactly the resolution of camera set up you need at an affordable price. Even over a month later they still get right back to me with any technical support questions and upgrades I wish to make. One camera had a minor glitch so they exchanged it directly and best of all promptly with the no added expense on my part.

The resolution quality and clarity of these cameras are second to none. Further to a review previously that someone made their waitlist for technical support has been getting increasingly shorter.

The last time I was scheduled to receive a call back it took less than an hour! This is the fifth and final security camera system I have owned to date and I don't see myself needing another one in the foreseeable future.

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I recommend GW security to everyone including Tested unit before running all network lines, mounted and tested cameras with no issues. Unit is well built, only issue is the Mobile viewing was a challenge to set up, we could view using secondary software with no issues as long as we were on the same network as the system, as far as veiwing from mobile device that was another story.

After 4 hours of playing around with downloading the recommended software via barcode and trying to get it setup was challenge number two. Finally got everything setup but still get kicked off of remote viewing outside of network.

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The system deserves a 5 star but the above review explains why I did not give it a higher rating. Only 1 left in stock more on the way. Really great pictures, just installed this week so I'll follow up in a few months to give an update. Phone app works great, still working on the tablet and computer version for access but that is my problem for now.

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Alright, so I've had this camera up for just shy of a month now. It's a great camera, and it works very well. Video quality is great, and the microphone quality is not awful.

Ran into an issue however where the camera simply stopped working. Took it apart, couldn't figure out what was wrong with it, put it back together and now it works fine again. Those are the people this camera was made for. There are no recurring fees, and you can view footage all at once by inserting the SD card into your laptop or computer. Footage comes out clear, thanks to p HD video resolution that you can view live using your smartphone or computer. The camera also boasts built-in sound and motion detectors, so you can program the app to send you notifications whenever a recording is triggered by the sensors.

With infrared night vision, the camera can show you up to 16 feet in total darkness. While this user-friendly camera is certainly an ideal option for some homes, it does have limited scheduling abilities. This stand-alone security camera offers one feature that many do not: facial recognition. This technology will let you know that your teenager arrived home from school safely, or that the dog walker did indeed come to pick up Fido that day.

Plus, you have the option of using your FTP server or your Dropbox account as extra storage. Set it up inconspicuously on any shelf, table, or nook of the room — there are no wires that will give away the camera in the corner. Wireless security cameras connect to Wi-Fi as opposed to being hardwired , and they send data through the home Wi-Fi network instead of through a physical cable. These types of cameras are solar-powered or powered by batteries most of the time rechargeable batteries , as opposed to plugging into wall outlets.

Generally speaking, yes. Overall, yes. But, this also depends largely on the user. Provided you secure your wireless network, use a strong password, and take measures to protect your security like two-factor authentication and installing outdoor cameras properly , your camera should be relatively secure. It is possible for a hacker to breach a wireless security camera, but if you secure your passwords and your internet network, this is rare. It depends on the camera and your network.

Not to a noticeable degree. We looked at 20 other outdoor security cameras.

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Ring Spotlight Cam Wired. Sound the decibel siren on suspicious activity! Easy set-up means your security just improved dramatically. A pre-installed 16GB memory card supports recording and playback.

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Simple setup via iOS or Android and an affordable price make this single outdoor security camera an excellent choice. This a great deal for an analog camera: engineered for exceptional compatibility, the standard analog chipset enables the camera to work on most BNC-cable systems, old and new. Heavy-duty construction withstands extreme weather conditions. Lifetime tech support is included. Quality and cost are the watchwords of this waterproof super HD security camera, which uses Ethernet for both power and data transmission, making it more stable than WiFi.

Touted for being both weatherproof and vandal-proof, the Oco Pro Dome provides crisp, full HD images directly to the cloud. Smart motion detection avoids false notifications. Best of all, Oco integrates well with other enterprise video surveillance solutions and business SaaS, from fore alarm systems to POS. A professional infrared LED security camera for less than the price of dinner out? You bet. The unassuming little Ouvis has it all: HD WiFi enhanced day and night vision, storage for up to hour continuous video, motion detection, and remote viewing so you can check in any time, from anywhere, with the free Ouvis app.

Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System 4 pack. Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System 4 pack has everything you could ask for in a home or business outdoor security camera. Equipped with infrared lights and IR cut, it serves asyour eyes outside, with adjustable night vision sensitivity. Comes with a 3-year limited warranty, a free month of cloud storage, and lifetime tech support. Quick and easy set-up by scanning QR Code from your smartphone or tablet.

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Installation is a snap with advanced Zink Technology, and if you do have any questions, lifetime US-based tech support with live chat is there to help. Two-year warranty. But the Amazon reviewers, almost all of whom give it 5 stars, say the quality and performance merit the price.